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Build maps with Google Sheets

Our new Google Sheets integration allows you to build maps using the data within an online spreadsheet. This is great for crowdsourcing maps, especially when you need to get lots of people up and running quickly and you'd rather not train everyone how to edit data within Kumu.

To give you a feel for how the process works, we're crowdsourcing a map of Kumu's community (aka, the "kumunity" for those in the know).

Please take 30 seconds and click on the button below to add your name and the person who introduced you to Kumu (bonus points for including a quick bio and image):

Add yourself to the spreadsheet

Each time this page loads it pulls the latest data and presents the map of the community below. Add your name really quick and then come back and refresh this page. Pretty slick huh?

Click here to open the map in a new tab

Want to create your own crowdsourced map? Head over to the docs to learn how.

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