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Can you tell a good story?

How do you engage hearts and minds? By telling great stories. We've rebuilt Kumu from the ground up to help you become a master storyteller.

Profiles are more than just attributes

Facts are important but they're not enough. Each element and connection should tell its own story, using attributes to back up the narrative.

We've widened the profile and added markdown support everywhere. Descriptions can now include images, videos, and links (both to external sites and also within your map to other elements, connections and loops).


Quickly build stories from existing data

Drag and drop imports makes creating maps from existing data a breeze. Use our virtualization feature to transform simple datasets into richly interactive maps.

Unfold your story step by step

Great storytellers don't jump right to the ending. They grab your attention and build the story without overwhelming you. Use Kumu's focus feature to hide all but just a small part of your map and gradually unfold the rest step by step.

Step by step explanation

Tell your story anywhere on the web

Now that you've got a story to tell, we've made it easy to share it anywhere on the web. Embeds are fully interactive and can be easily added to your blog or website. All it takes is two lines of code.

View the interactive map in all its full screen glory.

Dive deep and join the discussion.

Please share this with a friend and send us a note if you're interested in a sneak peek of the new release. We're almost there!

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