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Computed fields, beta release

Ever wanted to do some quick computations based on fields you've already added to Kumu?

Previously the only way to do this was to export to XLSX, add the formulas in Excel, and then import the results back into Kumu.

Starting today, you can create fields which are computed on-the-fly from other fields. Here's a few examples to give you a sense of the possibilities:

  • Use =(outdegree+1)/(indegree+1) to create a "leverage" field that is the ratio of outdegree to indegree
  • Use ={{amount for}}-{{amount against}} to calculate the difference between the amount of money for and the amount of money against a given proposition
  • Use =log({{net worth}}) to rein in outliers in a scale distribution of net worth

Computed fields are incredibly powerful and easy to use. Head over to the computed fields help doc if you're interested in learning more!

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Ryan Mohr

Cofounder and lead developer of Kumu / Lover of simplicity and things that seem irrational / Forever curious

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