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Four new features you will love

We've got four fun features to introduce to you today. One to cut through the clutter, another to make connections more meaningful, and two to make you more productive.


Prompted mode

It's great to see the entire network. But it can also be overwhelming. Prompted mode lets you explore large networks with ease through a guided focus prompt:

To enable prompted mode just add the following to your advanced perspective:

@settings {
  focus: prompt;

Gradient connections

Connections have been freed from their boring single-color shackles! Connection gradients are a great way to highlight connection dynamics (such as same and opposite relationships within causal loops).

connection.opposite {  
  color: gradient(green, red);

If you'd rather highlight connections among groups, you can use inherited connection colors instead. This will cause the connection to inherit its colors from the elements it is connected to.

connection {  
  color: inherit;

Telling a compelling story is one of the best ways to get stakeholders deeply engaged with your map. It's even better when your audience can visually follow how that story relates to your map.

Quick links make it easy to link to any element, connection or loop. Hovering over the link will bring the target into focus, and clicking on the link will select it.

[[My Awesome Element]]

You can even override the label used within the link:

[[My Awesome Element "click me"]]

If you have a specific selector you want to use you can still create these links manually:

[link label](= selector)

Bulk connect

Say you have five friends that recently got together, and you want to connect each one to the others. That's 10 new connections to add (or 20 if you're using directed connections!). Although it's easy to add connections in Kumu, it would be easier if you could connect them all in one go.

Now you can!

Simply hold shift and click to select each of the five people. Then use the sidebar to connect all of them together.

Hat tip to @tedpearlman for this timesaver

Coming soon: metrics!

We know we know... lots of you have requested metrics since the day we released. Well they're almost here! We're putting the final touches on support for social network analysis measures like degree, betweenness, and closeness centrality. Interested in a sneak peek? Drop us a note (jeff@kumu.io).

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