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Roses are red, violets are blue...

Today's a special day for us, and not just because it's valentine's day. Exactly one year ago we officially launched Kumu. And today we'd like to send all of you a huge THANKS!

Thank you for making our community such a special place. From actively hunting down bugs, to offering suggestions, to applying Kumu in the real world to solve tough issues like human slavery and effective government—you each play an important role shaping Kumu into an effective tool for communicating complexity.

Being valentine's day and all, we've written you a little poem:

That's right! As our valentine's day gift to you, we've added a new search page that makes it easy for others to discover the work you're doing on Kumu. You can now search across projects and users, finding related works and other users who share similar interests. Make sure to update your project descriptions to make them easier to find!

Do your first search at https://kumu.io/explore!

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