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Inherited perspectives

It's now easy to layer perspectives so decorations and settings can be inherited from one perspective to another. This is a huge time saver for those of you using copy and paste to keep redundant decorations in sync.

Give it a try by first creating a "base" perspective. Add a few decorations / settings and then create a second perspective that will import these styles. To activate the import, just add an @import rule to the top of the second perspective (in the advanced tab):

@import "base";

... where "base" is the name (or slug) of the perspective you want to import. And voila! The perspective now inherits all of the styles from the "base" perspective.

Hopefully this makes it easier to keep a consistent look-and-feel across all the maps in your project!

P.S. Remember that the slug of the perspective is the name with all special characters removed and any spaces converted to dashes. So a perspective named Influential Leaders would become "influential-leaders" in the @import setting.

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