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Introducing Forking

Forking allows you to easily create a copy of another project. It's the first of a series of features we'll be adding to make experimentation easier on Kumu.

Whether you're hoping to play with variations to an existing project or suggest changes to someone else's, forking makes the process a whole lot easier. It only takes a few clicks to create a new copy of a project.

Check out the new Forking Guide on docs.kumu.io if you're interested in learning more.

Note: Only public projects may be forked at this point.

A note on intellectual property rights

We've updated our terms of service as part of this release to clarify aspects related to forking. The gist is that by giving others access to your project, you agree to let them fork the project. This does not grant any rights beyond creating the initial fork.

To make it clear what others are permitted to do with your project, we encourage each project to include a license at the bottom of the default map's description. The license you use is up to you, but we hope many of you choose to share your projects generously with the community. We've released a new license called the Kokua License to make that even easier.

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