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Introducing Organizations

Organizations make it easy for multiple users to manage a central account. No more sharing passwords or remembering to log out and log back in as your organization to create a project under the right username!

Organizations come packed with a whole slew of other helpful features as well - things like custom branding (changing your loading logo and swapping out the Kumu logo on embeds), fine-grained access control through teams, and the ability to set a custom billing email address.

How Organizations work

Organizations allow multiple users to manage and contribute to a shared account. All work within an organization is done by individual members of the organization. There's no way to sign in as an organization directly.

Users can be added to organizations as owners, members, or guests.

  • Owners can add new members to the organization, edit the organization's profile, and manage billing information.
  • Members can create new projects and organize themselves into teams.
  • Guests can only see the teams and projects they've explicitly been given access to.

Access to projects is managed through teams, and organization members can be members of multiple teams. Teams can have view, edit, or admin rights to a project, or no access at all.

Plans and pricing

Organizations allow us to separate plans for individuals versus those using it as part of an organization. Personal plans are now 70% cheaper and start at $9 per month for 1 private project. Organization plans start at $99 per month and include 5 private projects. Check out all the available plans at our pricing page.

Changes to existing personal projects

On August 15th, observers of personal projects will no longer have access to the project. If you still want them to have access you have two options: make them contributors, or transfer the project to an organization (organizations offer fine-grained access control to projects).

Next steps

Ready to convert an account to an organization? Have questions? Send us an email at support@kumu.io.

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