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Introducing reserved attributes

When it comes to attributes, there are a few core attributes we expect every project to use: label, type, tags, and description.

Other attributes, such as email and image, are common but not everyone needs them. Instead of forcing projects to have attributes they don't need, we've come up with a simple solution.

Introducing reserved attributes!

Reserved attributes are created on-the-fly when you first use them. Their settings are automatically managed for you. No need to fuss with formats and limits for these guys!

For starters, we've added support for a few core attributes:

  • id
  • Image
  • Email

We've also added support for common social sites:

  • Twitter Profile
  • Facebook Profile
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • GitHub Profile

Here's an example of how they work, using Twitter. Simply assign the username under the "Twitter Profile" attribute, and we'll automatically link it to Twitter and nest it under the "Social" category.

Social Profiles

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