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Introducing Templates: Great looking maps right out of the box

We'll admit it. While Kumu's as flexible as an 18 year old yoga master, it isn't always the easiest platform to get started with.

So today we'd like to introduce you to templates! Templates give you great looking maps right out of the box. Each template includes a unique look, smart default settings, and will even bootstrap your project with relevant attributes and types if needed.

We're launching templates with support for four categories:

  • System - Create great looking causal loop or stock and flow diagrams
  • Stakeholder - Explore relationships between people
  • SNA (Social Network Analysis) - Explore networks and use metrics to identify key influencers, funding flows, and more
  • Custom - Start with a blank slate and work your magic

You'll see the template picker for new projects and each time you create a new map. And it's easy to switch between templates using the settings menu:

Give em a go and let us know what you think. Hoping for a different template? Don't like a decoration? Just want to tell us how awesome they are? Email us or shoot us a tweet!

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