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Introducing widgets, a new way to embed your favorite content

We've built a flexible widget framework so developers can easily build new widgets for their favorite platforms and you can easily embed your favorite content within Kumu.

It's now easier than ever to embed a video in the profile.

[[vimeo/36519586 "a story for tomorrow by gnarly bay"]]

gnarly bay

Or a presentation...

[[slideshare/32200030?aspect=hd "Changing behavior through persuasive design"]]


Prefer Speaker Deck?

[[speakerdeck/39d28e80a7840130b36006a0b9603b35 "The product is the byproduct"]]


Don't worry, YouTube works also.



All widgets can include a descriptive title in quotes to clarify what's being embedded.

What other widgets do you need? Tell us!

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