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Meet Dan Prince

Hey folks!

My name's Dan and I'm thrilled to be joining you as part of the development team at Kumu. You may not hear as much from me as you do from the others, but I'll be here in the background working tirelessly on making Kumu's products intuitive, attractive and most of all, fun to use!

Over the course of the last few years studying Computer Science at University here in the UK, I co-founded a startup and put my background in graphic design to use, focusing on building real time applications and simplifying complex user interfaces. These are the skills that I hope to bring to Kumu, and I'll be working with Ryan with a focus on providing more effective experiences for those battling complexity around the world.

When I'm not plugged in, I spend most of my year enjoying a quiet life among the mountains of Snowdonia where the rugged landscape fuels a passion for wandering, scrambling and rock climbing. In the times when I'm not lost in the great outdoors, you'll probably find me writing or composing music and providing the instrumentation as part of a folk-blues duet with my girlfriend.

I genuinely believe that it's important that we see what's out there with our own eyes and the blessings of a remote lifestyle allow me to spend the other part of my year on the road, exploring the world and experiencing life as part of a global culture.

So whether I'm running through the back streets of Bangkok, or hunkering down during winter in a Himalayan village, my laptop won't be far away and it won't be long before I'm back online to do what I can, to make sure that Kumu offers you a wonderful experience. Here's to a new chapter of my life, working with you and the rest of the Kumu family.

Here's to the future!

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