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Recent improvements

We've made a bunch of improvements to Kumu over the past weeks. Some of them you've already encountered, others you'll learn about as you read this, and countless more are bugs you'll never run into again.

No groundbreaking new features, just a lot of little things that should make your job of making big things happen that much more enjoyable.

It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.
- John Wooden

Now on to the list:

  • Break free from alphabetical ordering! You can now re-order attributes by using the attribute relevance menu. Click here to learn how.
  • Select multiple items using our new drag select (hold shift and then drag your cursor)
  • Avoid manually setting each element type by using the dropdown in the add element and add connection dropdowns to select the type. This type will be automatically added to any new elements and connections you create.
  • Select any elements without connections using the :orphan selector. This makes it easy to filter out those pesky elements who aren't connected to anything.
  • You can now view the top 50 projects (based on # of visits) at kumu.io/explore

We've also moved a few things around in the UI. You'll find the export, screenshot and embed buttons within the "share" button in the upper right. You'll also see your username and gravatar listed in the lower right - this helps you know whether or not you're logged in while viewing a map.

As for the bug squashing, here's the recap:

  • Fixed image fit/contain behavior
  • Fixed bug allowing element size to eat into connection length
  • Fixed zoom settings issue with embeds
  • Fixed scroll jump issue with embeds
  • Fixed dark theme style issues
  • Fixed stale filter/cluster list when new values were added
  • Fixed follow/ignore link within discussion notifications
  • Reworked selector builder to search the full map instead of just the visible one
  • Replaced advanced perspective editor for better performance
  • Disabled saving maps and perspectives without names
  • Disabled creation of self-connections
  • Disabled connection reshaping if elements are floating to avoid accidental edits
  • Added login prompt for expired sessions while working on a map
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