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Set selection and focus by URL params

We've tweaked URLs so they update to reflect the current focus and selection. This makes it easy to send people to a focused view of your map, and even a specific profile within a focused view.

To use the URLs, open the map and then focus as desired (try clicking and holding on your favorite element). You'll see the map URL change within your browser window. At this point, you can copy the entire URL and send it to someone or get even more specific by adding a selection.

Simply click on any element and you'll see that element's profile show up on the left hand side. You'll also see that the map URL has updated once again. Copy the entire URL and then send it or post it to your favorite social network.

Here's a sample link for the Kumu help map:


You can add this link within your profile by using the markdown syntax for links:

[Check out the basics](https://kumu.io/kumu/help#getting-started-learning-how-to-harness-the-power-of-kumu?focus=1&selection=bm9kZS1XaUZ3SnRGaQ%3D%3D)

Check out the basics

May the focus be with you.

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