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Last week we hammered out a handful of performance and usability improvements.

But we're not finished.

Each round of nuances makes Kumu more enjoyable for everyone to use. We know there's still a lot more to tackle. What's still bothering you? Tell us!

Here's a list of some of the recent improvements:

  • Added an image placeholder to the element profile to make it easier to add images
  • Added support for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and GitHub profile links
  • Tweaked the layout to prevent elements from drifting too far away from each other on small maps
  • Changed the default deocoration prompt from "selected" to "similar" to encourage attribute-based decorations
  • Limitted scales to numeric attributes only to prevent busted scales
  • Added auto-detection of attribute settings within imports (imports now autodetect lists, along with urls and numbers)
  • Improved the speed of large imports
  • Increased the default font and arrow sizes
  • Fixed .xlsx import issue with Firefox
  • Fixed issues with straight connections
  • Reduced memory and cpu usage
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