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What's new with Kumu

Sorry you haven't heard from us in a while! We're working on an exciting new feature... but we're not quite ready to announce it just yet. We don't want you to think we've forgotten about you though, so here's a roundup of the brightwork we've been tackling over the past few weeks. Nothing groundbreaking but a number of fixes and optimizations that'll make your experience with Kumu that much smoother.

  • Optimized image handling for maps with lots of images
  • Improved image clipping for sharp images at any zoom level
  • Fixed overlap issue for wide profile images
  • Optimized imports, fixed a number of edge cases, and spruced up the drag-and-drop handler
  • Fixed clustering issues when working with duplicate labels
  • Fixed errors when saving clusters to a new map

Our next exciting feature is still a few weeks out but we guarantee you'll love it if you do any kind of presenting with Kumu. Also, we're beta testing SNA metrics now so send an email to jeff@kumu.io if you're interested in giving them a try.

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