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Wrangle large datasets with prompted mode

Sometimes you have a big map with lots of data and just don't need (or want) to see everything at once. Never fear, prompted mode is here!

With prompted mode, you choose the map you'd like to build. Type the name of any element and hit enter to add them to your list. By default we'll include that element and its direct connections. Add as many elements as you'd like.

You'll see the number "1" with a dotted underline listed next to each of the elements. Click this to shift the number of degrees out from any given element you'd like to map and then click "Build Map".

Hit escape on your keyboard to start over, or use the focus menu and choose "back to prompt" to edit the current map.

To enable prompted mode, you'll need to add the following to the advanced tab of any perspective you'd like it active within:

@settings {
  focus: prompt;

Send us a note if you have any questions - enjoy!

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